ASU could hire 10,000 people in next six years, Michael Crow says

just got off the phone with Arizona State University President Michael Crow, and he told me he will need to hire up to 10,000 people within the next six years to support his ambitious research goals.
Crow plans to increase university research expenditures to $700 million within the next six or seven years, up from an existing $386 million. The majority of that funding comes from federal research grants, but Crow wants to look at growing other funding opportunities, including business partnerships both in Arizona and beyond.

I'll have much more on how Crow plans to reach those lofty goals in Friday’s print edition of the Phoenix Business Journal.

However, the fact that this expected growth comes with such huge job gains is a big story in and of itself. Most of these new jobs would be of the high-paying variety that local economic developers covet.

In addition, the salaries for these jobs would be supported financially by the increased research funding that comes into the university from outside sources. They would not require state funding, Crow said.

Currently, ASU has nearly 20,000 people involved in the university’s research enterprise, including students, faculty and scientists. To get to Crow’s goal of $700 million in research funding, he said he will need more than 40,000 people involved in the school’s research activity.

To get there, Crow said he would need to hire between 5,000 and 10,000 more employees.

ASU is already one of the largest universities in the nation and one of the top employers in Arizona. It’s on track to get a whole lot bigger, and that could be a nice boost for the Phoenix job market.

    Angela Gonzales covers health, biotech and education.

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